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Mexico of “House-2” has received a lot of insults as soon as she came out of anesthesia

One of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2” Mexico is daily exposed to attacks from the followers. A girl often accused of abuse of plastic surgery. As it turned out, until recently, Marina Cherkasova (for the girls) never went under the surgeon’s knife. For the first time on the operating table Mexico was December 20.

Marina had long dreamed of to correct the shape of the nose and finally decided to fulfill my desires. The operation took place live, and everyone could observe the process.

Many subscribers of Mexico is not like that before surgery it is not washed off the face makeup. In Instagram the star of “House-2” barrage of criticism, and Cherkasova had to defend.

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Marina has posted the first photo after the surgery and explained why during the procedure was makeup. “God, you are evil! What have I done wrong? For you I write such shit? That’s not right, guys, I’m after the surgery, waited your support, and you can pour dirt… everything In life comes back like a boomerang and I sincerely wish that the words that I say or want has left you out! I understand, you don’t know what I’m human, my appearance says that I’m some dumb bitch, and so forth, but that’s no reason to want me dead! It’s a shame to hear that! Please, do not judge and not be judged! Yes, during the surgery, I was in cosmetics I didn’t have time to erase it all? Calm down? Thank you. Well, those who support me, I want to say a huge thank you, appreciate everyone who cares. I’m good, woke up after anesthesia, you feel like a salted cucumber, as always laughing and smiling! Today you spend the night here, and tomorrow morning home!” — told Mexico (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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