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Mexico is the second “caravan” of thousands of migrants

К Мексике идет второй "караван" из тысячи мигрантовThe first caravan had already settled on the South of the country.

The group, which has Bolle Guatemala thousands of refugees headed to the Mexican border on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

First, the larger the caravan of migrants, making its way to the US, stopped in southern Mexico.

The first caravan, consisting mainly of Honduran migrants fleeing violence and poverty at home, currently located in the town of Huixtla in Chiapas, about 50 kilometers North from the border with Guatemala and at a distance of 1,800 miles from the United States. Previously, Donald trump demanded that the refugees should apply for asylum to Mexican authorities, otherwise USA will refuse them.

On Tuesday, the government of Mexico stated that it has received 1699 requests for refugee status including children. According to government estimates, the group has approximately 4,500 employees. Religious groups and companies donate clothes to refugees, and local authorities provide vaccines, food and drinks.

Trump promised to begin reducing the millions of dollars in aid to Central America and called the caravan in Mexico, the national emergency. So the President is trying to increase the chances of the Republican party in the midterm elections in Congress. Trump and his party have made immigration policy one of the Central themes of his company, accusing the Democrats of excessive loyalty to the migrants that threaten the welfare of American citizens.

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