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Metropolitan municipal property and then you can rent with a discount

Столичное коммунальное имущество и дальше можно будет брать в аренду со скидкойOfficials fear that because of full payment, the budget will lose money from-for refusal to rent space

The city Council extended the discounts of 50% on the lease of public property until October 1, 2017.

The decision was supported today at a meeting of 72 of the 92 deputies of the city Council.

As explained by the Rapporteur – the Deputy of city Council Sergey Artemenko, in 2015, the city Council approved the Regulation on granting in rent of municipal property of Kiev city. 11 paragraph of that provision it was provided that the method and rates calculated with the discount of 50%.

The effect of this provision was to 2016. Last year the city Council extended the discount until 1 July 2017. “Thus, in fact after 8 days in Kiev 2 times the rent increase for municipal property”, – said the Deputy.

According to the city Council, today free about 156 thousand square meters of non-residential premises of municipal property of territorial community of Kyiv, which can be rented.

The draft decision had been prepared in connection with the fact that the increase of rent is threatened by a decrease in rental income in the capital budget because of the refusal to rent space. To prevent this, the city’s elected representatives extended the 50% in the coming months.

The decision also notes that this rule is valid for objects of the lease, the valuation which is established after September 1, 2014 and does not apply to rates specified by paragraphs 1 to 5 of table 2 of the Methodology (except for banks), the hourly rental fee in accordance with paragraph 6 of the Methodology, and the rent determined by results of the competition.

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