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Metropolitan drivers will start to send “letters of happiness” with fines

Столичным водителям начнут присылать "письма счастья" со штрафамиEnter Autonomous system auto-commit violations on the roads.

Utility company “Informatika”, owned by the Kyiv city administration announced a tender for the purchase of software that will automatically detect most violations of traffic rules in the city – speeding, running a red light or Parking.

These violations will be recorded and with the appropriate legislation for them in automatic mode can be issued fines. MIA thinks that the launch of “letters” will deal with them.

The Ministry of infrastructure dreams of the same, — wrote on his page on Facebook human rights activist Vladimir Karavayev. — Meanwhile… in leaps and bounds, the Kiev authorities are approaching the construction of an Autonomous system of automatic fixing of violations on the roads, carefully hiding it in the annexes to the tender documentation”.

In particular, 25 October 2017 will be held the auction for the purchase of analytical software and server hardware required to deploy and Supplement the working functionality of software and hardware complex of the situational center for counteraction to threats in Kyiv, 2nd stage.

In the technical description to this purchase is that exactly and how to implement this system. In particular, in Appendix 3, paragraph 5.1.21 “Requirements for functions” States that “Software for analytical processing of video information must provide these services”:

maintaining a database of vehicles that are wanted (by state numbers, color, style);
search vehicle by color or type, the state automobile license plate
fixing and reporting violations of speed limits of vehicles (measures the speed and recognition of state license plates, as well as compiling a list of vehicles that violated the established high-speed mode with output of their images and control information, with the possibility of exporting data to the file system);

Столичным водителям начнут присылать "письма счастья" со штрафами

off-line detection of vehicles in search, online search vehicles, are wanted;
the identification of the facts of journey on forbidding light of the traffic light, crossing the intersection in the wrong direction, crossing the stop line at banning traffic light, traffic on the strip, traffic in the opposite lane, and the like;
detect traffic jams on highways;
support fixation systems of vehicles in places where Parking is prohibited to recognize state automobile license plates.

Thus, after the launch of the second phase of the situational center for counteraction to threats in Kiev, the authorities will be able to identify all the major violations of traffic rules by motorists. Then you can adjust the sending of “chain letters” with penalties for these violations.

However, the legal framework today is not quite ready for such work. But for six months or a year until you establish the system, members can make appropriate amendments to existing legislation.

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