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Methods that will help to warm up the house before turning on the heating

Методы, которые помогут согреться дома до включения отопленияThe experts suggested what to do to stay warm in your home before the heating period.

In late September the weather has become truly autumnal, respectively, colder not only outside, but also in the apartments/houses in Ukraine. Therefore, an important question that concerns all, without exception, is how to insulate the batteries were not hot?

It turns out that this problem can be solved in a dozen ways:

1. To install a heat pump for space heating. Pump in a few minutes will make the air in the house warm. Besides, if to buy and install his system before the heating season then you can easily abandon gas heating and thus to save your own money. Moreover, heat pumps Romstal have a long service life and are ergonomic, as well as fireproof.

2. To enable forced-air heating. Of course, this method is expensive from the point of view of growing energy consumption, but it can help you warm up quickly and increase the temperature of the air in the apartment.

3. Cook any dish in the oven. First, you will not be able to freeze, because it will cook and use hot water. Second, turn the oven warms the room perfectly, and also retains heat for about an hour after it is turned off. Also, you can prepare some “first” dish on the stove until it will cook in the kitchen, the temperature will become acceptable.

4. Light a candle or melt the fireplace. Of course, the fireplace will warm you up faster than a candle, but this option is quite suitable, especially if you burn candles for a romantic dinner in the warm after cooking in the kitchen.

5. Insulated window. This method is suitable for those who have not yet replaced the old wood on the plastic Windows. The most popular and well-known way — wool, overlapping paper tape. It is advisable to do this procedure the sealing of the Windows even before the cold weather.

6. Open the Drapes and let in the dwelling sunlight, if possible. Yet the sun warms the cold, so it can be used to raise the temperature of the air in the house.

7. Turn on the heater. It is very important to observe safety measures to avoid fires. But this method quickly warms the room.

8. On the floor lay carpet or carpet. Experts say that thanks to insulated the floor gets warm in the house by a few degrees.

9. Use Underfloor heating if you have it installed. This method does not apply to the budget, but before the heating season heated floor will warm the whole apartment and all who live in it.

10. Heating pad to help. On the couch and in bed you can take with you warmer and if you haven’t — fill normal socks heated rice grains, in order to get warm bags, and lay them at his feet under the blanket.

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