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#Metacosmos – Day Twenty-sixth – little stories

A month of Nightmares in the Area of Horror continues! Within 30 days (and nights!) we times a day published one short story horror. Read the little scary stories Maxim Kabir – and be sure to read his great novel, “Skeletons”, which is called one of the best horror books in recent years!

Maxim Kabir. Little stories

On Radunitsa Naskou to the resident of the village Zamoshie that in the Gomel region, has been to visit the devil. The girl’s name was Pelagia, the devil and the Crocodile. Was he crooked, horned, Piglet and a fish’s tail, eyes were on his belly. And all under her skirt climbed wringing. Desperate chick, got the moonshine, eggs and milk, and went to Church. Father Gregory gifts received, listened to the parishioner and said:

– Your trouble is solvable. The devil Crocodile is, of course, no cross, no alder number will not stop, but there is one way to overcome the heathen: he can kill the devil’s son.

– And where Cordova son to find? asked the stupid woman.

– Where the banner, have it must.

And said father Gregory: how are you damn Crocodile, you feed him, take him down, tickle him between hairy legs, Yes, do everything that the husband, wife, does. Six months czartowego birth to a son, and he will grow up and kill the damn Crocodile.

– Clever, – said Pelageya and did as ordered – until the morning groan from her hut filled village Zamoshie that in the Gomel region.

Was in the village Zamoshie Arkhip, blacksmith, widower, young father, husband he was buried in the spring, and father Gregory was her funeral, and I saw the traces of fingers on the throat of the deceased, but closed eyes. Arkhip him and moonshine, and eggs, and milk generously gave Smith the priest.

And in the summer began to Arkhip wife to roam. Slumber only hears the child agukaet. He is the bassinet and cradle walks, it shakes the spirit, a terrible spirit with a blue face and silver eyes.

Arkhip said father Gregory:

– How can I be? Dead jinka tramp into the house, zybko rocking, the baby blue tit feeding.

Silent father Gregory as Holy clams.

Arkhip ran home and gave it to father Gregory brew, milk and eggs, brought and says:

– How can I be? Dead jinka tramp into the house, zybko rocking, the baby blue tit feeding.

Father Gregory that advice given:

– Icons of the corners off, and as zhinkov will see, grab his neck, and soul. Soul and cry her heart will melt, you will put the teat into the mouth, you demonic drink milk, and so repeat in a month. She will wilt, dry up, and cease to my little boy to come.

He fell on his knees and Arkhip ruchenki father Gregory kiss of gratitude.

Came in the summer to Zamoshie writer from Moscow, all about mermaids and wrote wild men, and finish: settled in the house of his woman. The woman writer forelock dragged, Cup beat, in the attic scratching. Writer housing sanctified, Mac everywhere scattered and flax, garlic hung, and then decided to destroy the walls and floorboards. I looked and looked, but found: cracking threshold, saw little bones and a baby crock. And then father Gregory I was passing by the window, inadvertently looked up and said:

– Does the skeleton? Well miracles! Is it someone in the house you lived in, those of the unbaptized baby in the cellar buried. You, the owner, flax and poppy swept, icons, put, and bone grind into a powder but do drink tea and be freed from the bogeyman.

The writer shook us and said:

– Go out, and the shutters slammed.

And night came to the writer the blacksmith Arkhip, the blue from the blue milk, and with a cleaver chopped it’s head, and the brains of his wife suffered. Delicious was the brains, not a gift to the writer Gogol prophesied a glorious future.

Pelagia in August gave birth to eight children, and was a feast for all Zamoshie, and in the neighboring village six farmers were gone.

About told me these things recorded, father Gregory in the black Church, and icons.

Already on sale – SKELETONS Maxim Kabir!

About the book:

Maxim Kabir is a writer, poet, anarchist. Selfless fan of the genre of horror and mystery. People with stories which are familiar to ALL fans of horror. The novel, which is compared with the work of king, little, Lymon – and often not in favor of foreign masters.
A quiet mining town somewhere in the Russian hinterland. New year’s eve. Measured life of the Outback where everything goes on as usual routine. Periodically people disappear out here, and from door peephole empty apartment you are looking for something that is not supposed to exist. With an ominous creak open the doors of these cabinets, letting freedom of the Horde hidden skeletons. And together with the memory of incredible pain in the world is unspeakably Evil.

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