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#Metacosmos – Day Twenty-fourth – PLACE

A month of Nightmares in the Area of Horror continues! Within 30 days (and nights!) we times a day published one short story horror. Read the little scary stories Maxim Kabir – and be sure to read his great novel, “Skeletons”, which is called one of the best horror books in recent years!

Maxim Kabir. Turn

– Here I’m caught Napping! – exclaimed the mother, forgot the milk.

– Don’t leave – whisper, ashamed of strangers, muttered Alyosha. And instinctively reached out to grab for the dress, to keep.

– Don’t be little his mother. – I am now.

He wanted to protest, but mom was already pushed past buyers. A moment – and disappeared behind the stands. Lyosha left standing between the old man counting change, and a portly housewife in a denim suit.

The boy thought about the fact that the dairy Department is located at the very end of the supermarket. Squeaked the tape, go ahead mom selected products: cheese, a package of birch juice, bread and ham, chocolate bar “Snickers”. The queue moved. And Lyosha sluggishly stepped up to the counter. The cashier, a dark-haired woman of about forty, counted the bills. She had an ugly face, protruding eyes and sharp, like in the cartoons, the nose. Buzzed, giving check, black box. Rang the cash register. And all rang, and he sounded mechanical.

Here is a happy owner of a huge box of marshmallows loaded sweets in the package, detached from the crowd. Automatic door sent her into a Sunny morning, closed. Leszek fidgeted. Ahead of paying for the brandy shabby guy. Were still a young couple, stooped bespectacled, “denim” housewife. And that’s all.

“Where are you?”

Lyosha had turned a little, peering at the shopping arcade. Mom was off like a shot. And the tape is moving again, the products went to the checkout.

– Do not sleep, – hissed the old man on the back.

Lyosha was forced to move one meter. Uncle of brandy left. The door came. The guy was put in the terminal code of your card, his companion studied Lyosha and grinned. Disproportionately long teeth were yellow, and the boy sheepishly looked down.

“What are you staring at?” – the evil he thought. And when looked up, the couple was gone. Two people to the cash register! Two people!

A guard in a gray uniform approached the cashier and whispered in his ear. She giggled and gave Alexei a quick glance. On her upper lip darkened birthmark, all in long, stiff hairs.

Leszek bit my tongue. Poised, looked mom. The heart was beating fast.

The old man continued to count coins. The queue grew a few heads, her tail curled at the supermarket. People silently looked at Lyosha. Mom was not.

Hrrr – tape took the products to the checkout. Goggles got his. Pleased that the housewife has bought half of the economic Department. Like the stable is going to wash.

Alexei tried to cheer myself with the thought, but nothing happened. The cashier deftly brought the goods scanning device, and watched with one eye on the boy. Yes, one second left, was chained to the machine. On his thin lips played a nasty smile.

– She won’t be back, ‘ said the cashier suddenly.

The housewife nodded understandingly. Her cheek was dotted with deep holes, like a block of cheese.

“Mommy,” to tremble inwardly Lyosha.

– Don’t run away – stretching vowels, sang the old man.

And pushed the boy in the back.

Squeaked the tape. Cheese, juice, bread and ham poked in the aluminum bar. Lyosha blinked. The blood throbbed in his temples. The silence was pressing. Any squeak or buzz. If the store held their breath and watched.

Alex opened the eyelids. He was standing at the checkout. No money. Without a mom. Without the ability to escape.

The cashier got up from his chair and leaned on the counter. Her black slanted eyes burned in the Leszek hole. A long tongue crept out of the cracks of his mouth and licked his lips.

– Administrator it – threw cashier and collapsed back in the chair. Lyosha did not have time to react, the guard grabbed his collar and dragged away from the stage: the aisles, dimly lit corridors, through the narrow stone tunnels, chipped stairs, spiral staircases deep into the supermarket.

Already on sale – SKELETONS Maxim Kabir!

About the book:

Maxim Kabir is a writer, poet, anarchist. Selfless fan of the genre of horror and mystery. People with stories which are familiar to ALL fans of horror. The novel, which is compared with the work of king, little, Lymon – and often not in favor of foreign masters.
A quiet mining town somewhere in the Russian hinterland. New year’s eve. Measured life of the Outback where everything goes on as usual routine. Periodically people disappear out here, and from door peephole empty apartment you are looking for something that is not supposed to exist. With an ominous creak open the doors of these cabinets, letting freedom of the Horde hidden skeletons. And together with the memory of incredible pain in the world is unspeakably Evil.

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