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Metabolism: several tricks to speed up

Метаболизм: несколько трюков для ускорения When it comes to losing weight, boosting metabolism can not be avoided.

It’s time for a conscious nutrition. Without the skill to boost your metabolism will not work.

Metabolism — the chemical process in your body that turns food into fuel. An accurate understanding of the daily routine will help you to realize how much is actually required energy. Calculate the number of calories expended and lower it. So you spur the body to work more effectively with resources.

Cardio should be three to four times a week. It will lead metabolism and you will burn calories even at rest. Try the famous interval training TABATA method: here you will need to make every effort for a certain amount of time, interspersing approaches a short holiday. Practice shows that such training is hardly the best way to speed up your metabolism to the maximum level.

Without a balanced, thoughtful and a daily diet on the acceleration of metabolism can be forgotten as a distant dream. Divide the day into five meals. Let them be small, but uniform. The greatest number of calories should be obtained at Breakfast and lunch. Eat Breakfast even when not hungry — this gives you strength for the day.

Don’t do the whole bet only on cardio. Lifting weights is the main way to prevent age — related decline in resting metabolic rate. Besides, a kilo of muscle mass requires more calories at rest than a kilo of fat.

One of the main causes of low metabolism — free variety of diet. Simply put, for a couple of days conscious power you arrange a “day of freedom from care” and eat whatever came to hand. Understand the diet you need to follow on a regular basis. During the diet, you lose not only fat but also some part of muscle mass, but get back only fat. It is necessary to you?

Try to start your morning glass of water with lemon. Citric acid plays an important role in the energy cycle, involving all cells of the body. In addition, the citric acid will help you to maintain the proper level of immunity. However, if you experience any problems with digestion, you should eat a little cottage cheese, for example, before drinking a glass of water with lemon.

No jokes. It’s time to forget all stories about the dangers of eating after six in the evening. A recent study conducted by nutritionists at the University of Florida showed that approximately 150 calories in 30 minutes before meals speeds up metabolism. The body continues to operate even during sleep, taking energy from or received on the evening food or from the fat reserves and muscles. Without the “bite” the body will act according to the scheme described above, returning spent the night during the day and only fat. Be careful: the evening meal will only act on a regular basis — eat from time to time will not work. A little low-fat cottage cheese and green Apple — great evening snack.

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