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Merkel referred to migration as the main problem of the EU

Меркель назвала миграцию главной проблемой ЕС

Wednesday, September 12, was a day of heated debate in the Bundestag, the culprit is the discussion of the migration issue. Coalition members in their speeches have traditionally argued with members of the “Alternative for Germany”, as Angela Merkel said that the migration crisis at the moment, the most serious problem not only for Germany but for the whole of the European Union.

The Euro crisis and General financial crisis that began 10 years ago, according to the Chancellor, looks are secondary to uncontrolled migration.

“While this problem was not found. But the EU should not be split due to the migration crisis. The EU cannot just say our doors are closed, we don’t care what happens to the neighborhood,” said Angela Merkel.

One of the solutions to the migration crisis he sees in investing in Africa. She believes that if the countries of the continent will improve humanitarian conditions and there will be jobs, the number of refugees will decrease significantly.

Merkel’s words for anybody not a surprise, but the former leader of the SPD, Martin Schulz, was surprised by the German parliamentarians. The emotional response of the social-Democrat called the speech of the ADG Alexander Gauland. Right politician said that the protesters who used the Nazi salute (banned in Germany gesture), were in the minority, and that “the real crime was the bloody attack two asylum seekers in Chemnitz”.


Responding to the words of the leader of the ADG Schultz referred to the statement Gauland which he did in early June, that the Nazi era was only a “small speck, like a bird shat” on the background of the long history of Germany. The representative of the SPD stated: “Mr. Howland, that “a bird shat” is a real pile of dung, is that part of German history, which belong to you.”

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