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Mercury shrinks and is covered with “wrinkles”

Меркурий усыхает и покрывается "морщинами"Over the last 4 billion years the diameter of mercury decreased by 7 kilometers.

The planet mercury gradually shrinks and it appears substance like wrinkles. Over the last 4 billion years, the diameter of the planet decreased by 7 kilometers.

For astrophysicists, this is the most difficult planet in the Solar system, as it is located very close to the Sun. In view of its small size, the planet does not even exceeds some satellites of Jupiter. Another feature of the luminaries is that it is the smallest among the planets in the Solar system.

Experts noted that the surface of the star begins to cool and cover with cracks-wrinkles, as the skin in old age. Due to the fact that the iron core of the planet cools and contracts, the surface of the planet became wrinkled. Scientists call these “wrinkles” scarps. Scarps can be very high and reach hundreds of kilometers.

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