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Mercedes will teach their cars to avoid dangerous roads

Mercedes научит свои авто избегать опасных дорогThe world is not a very safe place, especially if you drive an expensive Mercedes.

Mercedes are using crime data in order to avoid dangerous streets.

Autoprestige are not something new, the translation of the German manufacturer of premium class wants them gone and is developing a new app that helps drivers avoid dangerous place when finding Parking.

Using the statistics of the police, the software will create a database of places with a higher chance of encountering vandalism, assaults and other crimes.

The application must be prepared for model new generation of manufacturer and will use a system of colour levels to reflect the degree of safety in certain places.

“We can choose a place to Park and see how many crimes happened in this area in recent weeks. Green means that the area is safe, so we suggest you to Park there. Yellow means “it’s all right, but should think, red, “you mustn’t move,” said the company Mercedes-Вenz.

The system will be developed for a limited number of regions around the world where data on crime available to the public. It will be offered through the shop application Mercedes-Benz.

Also, the system will provide information such as: distance to final destination, Parking fees and traffic jams.

The company noted the prospect of the project.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is also working on a new “trusted” software platform that will allow users to activate or deactivate various functions in the car according to their preferences.

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