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Mercedes presented an electric truck

Mercedes представила электрический грузовикRepresentatives from Daimler demonstrated the first images of the new heavy electropure eActros.

Serial production of freight electric vehicle must begin by 2021.

Weigh the trucks will be from 18 to 25 tonnes and can travel on a single charge up to 200 kilometers. The charging cycle engines will be from 3 to 11 hours. Mercedes claim that eActros will be able simultaneously to carry in the truck to 11.5 tons.

“The drive system consists of two electric motors, located close to the wheel hubs of the rear axle. These three-phase asynchronous motors with liquid cooling, they operate with a nominal voltage of 400 volts. They generate output of 125 kW each, with maximum torque of 485 Nm each. Transfer coefficients convert it to 11 000 Nm each, which leads to increased productivity along with the characteristics of the diesel truck,” explained the engineers at Mercedes Trucks.

As noted in Mercedes, the first 10 two-, and three-axle variants of the new trucks will be delivered to customers for operational testing, which is scheduled before a commercial launch in 2021.

“Initially the focus will be on freight transport within the city and delivery services. Reserve Mercedes-Benz eActros just enough for these purposes”, — said the head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Stefan Buchner.

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