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Mercedes and Bosch were accused of falsification of eco-tests

Mercedes и Bosch обвиняются в фальсификации эко-тестовCompanies are accused of fraudulent actions.

A Federal court in new Jersey, considered a large portion of the claims against Mercedes and Bosch.

According to official data, companies are accused of fraudulent activity related to diesel engine emissions. Emissions were reduced during the tests. Moreover, the lowering procedure is completely analogous with the one used by the representatives of the company Volkswagen Group.

Engine BlueTEC, Daimler presented as the most environmentally friendly and fully meet basic quality standards. But despite this, an independent examination confirmed the fact that the engines exceed the allowable parameters. The worst, according to independent experts, is that sometimes the mark exceeds the value in 65 times.

The court, having considered class-action lawsuits, have come to the conclusion that all the charges are without good evidence. To date, the proceedings in this matter continue. Moreover, in the near future it will take a few trials.

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