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Men of Uganda are demanding that their women have breast-fed

Мужчины Уганды требуют, чтобы женщины их кормили грудью

The male half of the population of Uganda on the African continent is sure that women’s breast milk has magical power. A similar view has also other groups of people, for example, the residents of Tanzania and Kenya, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

Interestingly, this information came by accident, when Sarah Opendi,Minister of health of Uganda, addressed the problems of nursing mothers and their children. Two years ago, the woman promised to keep the information secret.

Every year the number of men who demand breastfeeding, increases. Statistics forcing authorities to raise issues related to gender-based violence. There is a view that the feeding of adult males has a negative impact on children.

A study of the problem of the University Kyambogo in Kampala, and the British University of Kent. A large-scale study started with rural Buikwe. According to local belief, breast milk can cure AIDS/HIV and even cancer.

As the local noted, the society is not made to drink breast milk, but do it. After another feeding the man feels a surge of strength, his spirits lifted. Nobody cares if a woman’s consent, in case of failure is followed by violence. Women often turn to doctors because of infection or bites around the nipples. It is difficult to say will stop it or not.

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