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Memory photo from the festival in Sitges

Brand new Russian horror film “memory Photo” was suddenly selected to participate in the program known genre film festival in Sitges (SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Cataluny).

And we gloated, practically accused the filmmakers of plagiarism! However, it is difficult not to notice the similarities at least with this and these foreign films. Well, okay, we’re all sorry if you guys succeed at the international level… What the hell, we’ll forgive the”Photo memory” obvious unoriginality of the concept, even if it’s just to be in the end a good movie.

Rental “Photo for memory” comes out June 14, 2018. An experienced operator Anton Zenkovich debut in directing, the script was written by Victor Bondaruk – another debutant. The roles performed by Anastasia Ukolova, Garik Petrosyan, Egor Kharlamov, Irina Temicheva, Sanjar MADI, Sophia Hare, Stepan Uralov – and Yes, to us these names say as little as you. In any case – good luck to all of them at the film festival in Catalonia, because – what if?

A group of young kids wanted to hang out in a country house. An unexpected accident forces them to deviate from our path. The heroes find themselves in a creepy house where it is placed in their hands a rare camera. And instead of fun parties, young people are embroiled in a mysterious and tragic chain of events… the Mystery camera will cost many of them life… Because everyone who is in the focus of this lens is dying a painful death.

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