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Meizu promises to equip smartphones interesting feature

Meizu обещает оснастить смартфоны интересной функциейChapter Meizu has promised to add smartphones to the NFC module.

Meizu last week introduced a smartphone Meizu from the line 16, which got a modern design with minimal frames, rounded edges and a fingerprint scanner below the screen. Despite the enormous changes awaited Meizu NFC module 16 is still missing.

Chapter Meizu Huang Zhang has responded to claims of users, and made an official statement, promising to add an NFC module in a future range of smartphones of the company. Also the head of the company explained the reason for the lack of a module in China, the market in which osnovnom designed devices, NFC is not popular and Meizu didn’t want to spend money on their integration.

However, when and in what model number will appear NFC module, Huang Zhang said. According to rumors, this module will be in the 17-th line of Meizu.

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