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Mei assured Brussels to pay all contributions for Brexit

Мэй заверила Брюссель в выплате всех взносов по BrexitBritain has no plans to violate the terms of cooperation with the EU.

The British Prime Minister spoke as a guest columnist for the newspaper Welt am Sonntag. She assured the EU in friendship and partnership, promising to fulfill the obligations of London to Brussels.

Prime Minister Theresa may confirmed that the financial commitments in connection with the country’s withdrawal from the European Union will be fulfilled. At the same time, she stressed that he considered excessive and unconstructive, some queries put forward in connection with the contribution of London to the EU budget, and proposed to discuss this aspect of “only in conjunction with more General issues.” With such statements the British government made Gostevoy article for the German weekly newspaper Welt am Sonntag published on Sunday, September 24.

The requirements concerning contributions of Britain to the coffers of the EU, are one of the major stumbling blocks in the ongoing negotiations for Brexit. Still, may stated the willingness to pay to Brussels 20 billion Euro during the transitional period. EU officials, for their part, insist on the amount of 60 billion euros.

In his text the British Prime Minister also assured the people of Germany and the European Union, it is in the UK they would be a “strong friend and partner”, and stressed that the successful European Union – in the interests of London and around the world.
A new round of negotiations on the British exit from the EU will begin on 25 September in Brussels.

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