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Meghan Markle angry mother-in-law

Меган Маркл разозлила свекровь The Royal family maintains a moderate dress code.

The output of the American daughter-in-law on stage in a revealing dress caused a negative reaction from the Duchess of Cornwall.

Hollywood actress Meghan Markle, who is about to give birth to the successor of the Royal dynasty from the English Prince Harry, all the more destroys the tradition of good old Royal family. Her awards British Fashion Awards 2018, the year in the black dress with shoulder of French fashion house Givenchy, according to press reports, angered the mother-in-law.

The spouse of Prince Charles Camilla Chornoliska (for her ex-husband, Parker-Bowles), according to the “Daily Mail” recognized the outfit of the bride, her exposed stomach and black manicure unbecoming of a Princess.

It is known that the Royal family maintains a moderate dress code, avoiding provocative and flashy detail of dress, choosing pastel and classic colors, creating an image of decorous, exemplary family. This requires decades worked out the etiquette, though, and provokes accusations of critics of this style for conservatism and refusal to follow the whims of fashion.

While Meghan Markle shone on the stage with bare shoulders, she Camille in those days was posing with donkeys before a concert in support of a charity organization for the protection of animals.

A source at the court said that the behavior of the daughter-in-law, it seems, was the “last straw” in kindling a family feud, which already writes a lot of press. By the way, very Camille, at the time, either took part in the Royal family. The decision of Prince Charles to marry “the divorcee” Elizabeth II when it was not approved.

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