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Mega-atmospheric Remix of the theme from “Halloween”

So, you have already started to cut the pumpkin faces? Came up with what to dress up for a holiday? Or you decided to stay home with the appropriate bundle of horror? Edition Zone Horror, by the way, shared their collective thoughts on what to watch on Halloween, and a little list came out very strong. But whatever you were planning — good music would definitely help! And of course, the classic theme music from “Halloween” is suitable for these days is the best.

What? You listened to the creation of John carpenter, a thousand times? Damn vital. In this case, your salvation — remixes and covers.

A couple of weeks we heard a cool cover of Nine Inch Nails, and is now pleased to present something more elegant.

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You, the inhabitants of the Zone of Horror, one of the first on the Internet can listen to the Remix of the original theme from “Halloween” from 1978 musical project DIKHARD! If you remember, we already wrote about these talented guys a couple of times.

DIKHARD! — a Duo of two musicians living in 8 thousand kilometers from each other, but equally loving sintav that unites them. In addition, ugaral dudes on old-school horror, a great proof of what is here is a powerful video, which incorporates, I think, the whole spirit of the ‘ 80s.

New track created by one of the members DIKHARD! (as you can see, they prefer to keep their names secret), and that’s how it happened:

I decided to write this topic when I read the news about the upcoming “Halloween” permanently motive, in my head spun and I wanted it to do. But because the man from the group “Orbita” writes, they say, Hey, Dichard, I want to us a collection of remixes of movie soundtracks of the 80s? I figured it was a sign, and started to write this thing. Rush was not going as the dude from “Orbit” still did not give any deadlines, but then on the calendar I looked, and there Halloween is approaching, and I was like, AHHH! AGAIN, THIS IS A SIGN! GOT TO MAKE THE HALLOWEEN!

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And celebrate the spirit of Samhain, for he made it.


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