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Meg foster in the fresh scene from the movie “Jeepers creepers 3”

Yesterday, we posted the long-awaited footage from the horror of Victor Salvo “Jeepers creepers 3” (Jeepers Creepers 3) – and it was not dubious origin of the image from the Network, and it is the official image. As many as two pieces. Well, today the Internet has emerged another shot.

It is possible to contemplate the actress Meg foster, known for his roles in such genre projects as “twin Peaks,” “Aliens among us”, “Leviathan” and “the twilight zone”. The Salvo she played a woman named Galen Brandon. In the story, she began to see long-dead son; he came with a warning about the monster that killed him. Vengeful Brandon decides to use this information to kill the monster. In this picture her eyes looking to the sky. What could it be? Maybe the bird?..

Remember the synopsis, which tells us that in the center of the story is still another character:

Twenty-three years have passed since then, as trish Denner and her brother, Darry met on a dusty road a rusty truck Creeper. Today trish is a mighty and wealthy mother of Garry, the teenager, named in honor of the deceased brother. And more than anything, trish is afraid that he will face the same fate. Using its power, she decides once and for all to stop the beast.

Unfortunately, information about the imminent premiere of the film has not been confirmed. It will only show at a special screening, but the wider public will again have patience. To date, the release date is not named. Likely, the wait may be delayed until 2018.

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