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Meet the teaser trailer for the phantom “hard drive”!

Based on real events…

At this time, familiar to the pain inscription is not perceived with a condescending smile, the strange Winchester mystery House really left their mark in history. Were carried out if there are ghosts? That is another question. According to the Directors, screenwriters, brothers Spiridov .

No sooner had we put the first poster of the film “Winchester. The house that ghosts built” (Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built), as a company, CBS Films published online and teaser trailer. Good, dark, with screamer. Although we can not say that much catchy. Without reference to the famous mansion of the interest would be significantly smaller. In the end, in front of us after all, another movie about supernatural horror in “bad” house, and it’s all about how the topic will present the creators. Will you play the “eyecatcher” of the building, which is associated with “13 ghosts”?

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Sarah Winchester, heiress of the famous arms company, lives alone in a Grand seven-story building whose architecture defies logic, and the corridors are like mazes. By order of the grieving widow’s mansion is constantly changing and endlessly erected new walls. But it builds not for himself, not for his niece or talented Dr. Eric price, who came to the mansion at her invitation. Sarah builds a trap for the hundreds of vengeful ghosts, and the worst of them want to deal with the clan of Winchesters.

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The caste was noted Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah snook, Angus Sampson, Laura Brent, Tyler Coppin, Dawan Jordan, Jeffrey W. Jenkins and others.

To the Russian cinema picture gets 5 April 2018.

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