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Meet the future victims of the game “Friday the 13th”

While a new movie about the silent in the hockey mask turned out to be not dead, but delayed, we are still waiting for the return to camp Crystal lake in the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game.

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As we have said, the game seems to be going through all nostalgic chord in our souls. First of all, Jason himself is presented in all its guises. Well, it seems, except for a small drowned-hydrocephalus and futuristic version of “Jason X”. However, you never know… But all the intermediate images are available. Even a farmer with a bag on his head from the second part there! And looks in the contrast of the film is very impressive. Well, let’s not forget a brand new hellish appearance Jason created by Tom Savigny specifically for this game. One of the screenshots is on my desktop, by the way.

However Vorhis no matter how cool he was, too, need friends. Well, that is sacrifice. With them we today and get acquainted. Fortunately, the Studio IllFonic together with distributors Gun Kelly shared information about the bots, which meant cutting meat for the players.

As you can see, each character wound up individual card listing not only name, but also parameters such as “endurance”, “luck”, “speed” and “intelligence”. Mind future victims, of course, do not Shine. There is, however, a couple of nerds with intelligence 10/10, but since they are so smart, then why we even came to a lake where every few years someone shred to pieces?

In addition to these characters, the developers promise us the Tommy Jarvis, the hero of the fourth, fifth and sixth films. I would like to think that it will either be the kid from “the Last Chapter”, or the weirdo from “a New beginning”, not macho from “Jason lives.” Anyway, we will give him to play!

So, Friday the 13th: The Game with multiplayer should come out on PS4, Xbox One and PC this spring and summer it adds a complete storyline for single player. It is reported that users who pre-ordered the “Friday” in a digital form or on physical media will have access to single mode without any surcharges.

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