Thursday , June 4 2020
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Meet the fruits of stability

Встречайте плоды стабильности

The dollar at 80, meet the fruits of stability. Since January, the Russians have become poorer by a third. As always, there were no signs.

To play on courses and exchanges still makes no sense, if you’re not an insider and do not have access to confidential information about the timing and volume of foreign exchange intervention foreign or unexpected turns.

Just have to sit back and suck his paw. Well, or try to spend the last of our roubles to buy something quite needed, but long delayed. In parallel, knowing that the same, albeit obmelchali, the remains in the near future may need to purchase the banal food.

Further dynamics courses impossible to predict as the fluctuations in the value of a barrel. In our crazy world, and with brilliant leadership, anything is possible.

I congratulate the advocates of depreciation of the ruble, the divine from this growth of our exports and the rest of the industry. Now, of course, all zakolositsya, I advise you to go into the field and begin to wait not to miss this exciting process…

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