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Meet the first trailer for Russian horror film “Dawn”!

The project Area Horror is watching very carefully and we are even on the set had to go! It was therefore doubly interesting to see what happens in the end. And today we have the opportunity to evaluate the debut teaser trailer.

We will remind, in the Director’s chair – Pavel Sidorov, the debut full meter, had time to work on commercials and music videos (a video of the band “Leningrad”, “Not Paris” – his handiwork). The producers – Dmitry Litvinov Vladislav Severtsev (“Bride”).

The scenario “Dawn” wrote well-known domestic horror community Eugene Koledintseva (“Ghouls”, “Dislike”, “Diggers”). And that’s what’s the story:

The main character dies under mysterious circumstances, brother. The girl begin to pursue realistic nightmares, and she goes to the Institute of sleep medicine, where she, along with other patients are immersed in a collaborative lucid dream. But after dawn they will Wake up in a completely different reality, which is worse than any nightmare.

In the caste involved Oksana Akinshina (“Sisters”, “wolfhound of the Grey Dogs”), Anna Saliva (“Nine lives of Nestor Makhno”), Alexander Molochnikov (“Pushkin”), Anastasia kuimova (“offside”), Alexander Drozdov and other actors.

The premiere is scheduled for January 31, 2019.

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