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Meet polulyubitelsky bloody horror Sickness

In the Area of Horror we write a lot about movies, who knows, but a lot of attention and so-called indie, including sex-cheap Amateur horror to recall an article about a long way Terrible johnny, the film, which Director and screenwriter, Lamberson have been walking for 33 years. Today we will acquaint you with another picture of the same plan.

It is called Sickness, that we venture to translate literally as a “Disease”, because it is another movie about a virus that encourages people to violence.

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The film was back in 2011, but its premiere took place only in April 2017, that speaks volumes. For example, the low cost of production, when the Creator (Brandon E. Brooks – writer, Director and producer) strongly didn’t have enough money to bring the movie to mind. Banal plot, obscure actors, far from the professionalism of the operator – all in stock. As the blood, guts and other meat is due to the abundance of gore like trash and attracts her that there, a rather modest audience.

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