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Medvedev urged not to have any illusions about the lifting of sanctions

Медведев призвал не питать иллюзий по поводу отмены санкций“It is obvious that everything that happened is a long time”, – said the Russian Prime Minister.

Anti-Russian sanctions in the near future will not be cancelled and “nothing to hope for other people’s choices,” said Dmitry Medvedev. Speaking at the Congress of “United Russia”, he called for “parting with illusions”.

“It’s time to part with the illusions that our country will be lifted some sanctions. Obviously, all that happened is a long time. Don’t expect other people’s elections”, — said the Prime Minister, speaking at the XVI Congress of his party “United Russia”.

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He also added that we need to stop count “on the arrival of new leaders foreign”.

In this regard, the Russian agro-industrial complex (AIC), for which, according to Medvedev, there is a good conditions should make good use of this situation. “We will support them [farmers] in this as in all conditions will we feed ourselves”, — said the Prime Minister.

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He noted that support for agriculture in 2017 maintained at last year with the “real budget”.

Earlier Medvedev already noted that the Russian authorities will have to continue to act against the continuing sanctions and urged “not to deceive ourselves” to their abolition.

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