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“Medvedev understands that on 1 January Russia will collapse”

«Медведев не понимает, что 1 января в России наступит коллапс»

Pavel Grudinin that the Prime Minister reported on the results in 2018, not knowing the situation in the country


December 6, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev live with journalists from five leading TV channels summed up in 2018. At this time the interlocutors of the Prime Minister Pyotr Tolstoy (channel one), Sergei BRILYOV (“Russia-1”), Iraida Zeynalov (NTV) and Ilya Doronov (RBC) and Irita Minin, the author of “Personally know” on TV channel “Tomsk time”.

As always, during the “Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”, the Prime Minister exuded quiet optimism. Describing the government’s decision, he often used the term “balanced”.

He said it appeared that the Cabinet, thanks to rigorous analysis of options, chose the best and passed on the blade: it kept the economy from slipping into recession, and laid the Foundation for the future prosperity of the country.

Pension reform Medvedev has called the “most difficult” decision of the government over the last 10 years. The alternative, he admitted, was to increase rates of insurance contributions to the Pension Fund – I think, from the current 22% to 26% before the reforms is zero. But in this case, according to the Chairman of the government, wages have again gone into the shadows – into the envelopes. So it was in the 1990s, Medvedev said, from envelopes long gone, and to return to this practice wrong.

“Raising the retirement age was the lesser of two evils”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

Another example of a balanced solution to the Medvedev – the VAT increase, excise tax increase and a tax maneuver in the oil industry. It is these measures, the Prime Minister said, has allowed the government to find 8 billion (including all funds raised to 23 billion) on the new the may decree of President Vladimir Putin. Then as an alternative to the imposition of sales tax allowed to derail the gains in the form of ultra-low inflation (3.5% in the year) and unemployment (4%).

Interview, the Prime Minister loomed some other wonderful and beautiful Russia. In which the real wages of the population grew by 7% per year (“don’t drink it, it is necessary that the growth was higher”, – said Medvedev), poverty is reduced by 200%, primarily due to the assistance to families with children, and where citizens do not need to wrestle with the cost of medicine, because medicine, despite all the machinations of the West, not more expensive.

About the machinations Medvedev noted that “on the Western front without changes”. He reminded that the global economy has lost this year, $ 0.5 trillion. because of the sanctions, while the losses of the Russian economy was $ 100 billion.

But even in these conditions, made it clear to the Prime Minister, the Russian economy is growing. A modest rate of growth (1.8 per cent of GDP at year-end) are explained, including a fall in the rate of the world economy.

And yet the Prime Minister said the new aphorism: de-dollarization does not imply the rejection of the dollar.

“There is no ban on the circulation of the dollar in our country. These ideas are absurd and contrary to the economic rules,” – said the thought the Prime Minister.

And as if answering to another aphorism, delivered in may 2016 during a visit to Crimea, in response to a complaint by a pensioner on a small pension, Medvedev assured that now on social programs “found money”.

As in reality, look the end of 2018, and what to expect from the Russians 2019?

– All questions Medvedev had pre-prepared answers, and his interview is nothing more than a political show – says Director of “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina”, the Chairman of the Committee on development of agro-industrial complex of the RF CCI Pavel Grudinin. – And as the Chairman of the government, in my opinion, pretty narrow-minded, he just does not understand how to get out of the current impasse.

Medvedev doesn’t know that a long time ago wages back in the envelopes. The impression that the Prime Minister simply did not hear what was said on this occasion Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin. The Prime Minister just not in the subject, and it is impossible to believe.

How to believe Medvedev, if he is only a few years ago stated that no increase in the retirement age may not be that it is unthinkable? And now says that this is the only way?!

Notice, in fact, is not the only output, and not output at all. It is no coincidence that Putin at a meeting with the government on 2 October, where they talked about the need for additional funding for the President’s amendments mitigating, said that the pension reform in the final will give a negative financial result for the state.

I think Medvedev simply does not understand that on 1 January the country will collapse due to a jump in prices. He doesn’t understand that the lion’s share of Russia’s income is in the hands of a small group of people.

And just does not see that the gap between rich and poor is growing. Moreover, all these negative processes occur from the actions of the Prime Minister – actions of his government.

– Why is this happening?

Prime Minister apparently lives in a completely different world. In the “Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev” his companions became, in fact, members of the “United Russia”, which politely asked the Prime Minister not too pointed questions. But even in this format he has managed to avoid absurdity in the responses.

It reminds me of the Soviet joke about three envelopes. This is when the old Director is replaced by a new, and old, says: when it will be difficult, will be to call in the district – here are three envelope, tear it open at a time. The third was a note: “Prepare three envelopes”.

And we have Medvedev all third envelope do not open. He apparently is equal to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, who saw the causes of the current problems in the Russian economy in the aftermath of the First and Second world wars and the collapse of the Soviet Union, which seriously informed the students of the University. (Could think of with the invasion of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. – ed).

The idea is that Medvedev were to resign from the post of Prime Minister a long time ago: it did not work.

Prime Minister says that the situation in Russia is good…

– In fact, the situation in the country is terrible. And to this I have nothing to add, unfortunately.

– What really awaits us in 2019?

– First of all – higher prices. Plus a further fall in real incomes and bankruptcy of enterprises. In such a situation would be better, I think, to raise the sales tax – in this case, the rich would pay more than the poor. But VAT is an equal tax on all, without exception, and the government will raise it.

In addition, the games Cabinet with oil will cause the price of gasoline and diesel in 2019 will grow. And then it will be very bad because Russia is cold – not warm France.

In fact, officials – which in Russia is not a million, according to Medvedev, but much more if you take all officials should be forced to work for real. Because now these people have high salaries, no responsibilities, full of mismanagement and corruption.

And we need to understand all this – the result of actions of Dmitry Medvedev. He is the head of the government brought the case to the fact that the apartments and houses of officials are accumulated billions.

The Prime Minister reminds me of the third grader who wants to solve a mathematical problem on which Professor fighting for decades. And they all look at him, suddenly really decide?

A third-grader but nothing not able to solve. So what are the objectives Medvedev did not bet, what projects do not write – nothing will.

In the meantime

Offended allowance, which the government has allocated our elderly, retired from Magadan Vladimir Popov sent his pension Dmitry Medvedev, while writing:

“Due to the fact that the monthly cash payment in the amount of RUB 683 humiliate my human dignity, please transfer the above amount to Mr. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev at the address: Moscow, the Kremlin, the Chairman of the Russian government. I hope that the money will help him in the difficult struggle with retirees and other human material”.

Our government, by the way is very proud of his payments and allowances to the elderly and all the while loudly declaring it.

For example, agricultural workers will pay as much as fifteen hundred rubles. And no one’s humiliation is not considered, although the whole country knows that fifteen hundred to buy anything. This only does not know Mr Medvedev and his government.



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