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Medvedev in absentia argued with Putin about getting to heaven

Медведев заочно поспорил с Путиным про попадание в рай

The Russian Prime Minister said that in heaven the power no one will drive.

Speaking yesterday, October 26, at the meeting of the General Assembly of the International conference of Asian political parties, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev argued that “…there are countries
Show completely… who are trying by force to impose on other countries its beliefs about the world, supposedly for their own good, to teach what democracy is, how to build its political system, develop the legal system, to act in the coordinate system between senior and Junior.”

According to the Russian Prime Minister, for this purpose, political pressure, trade wars and economic sanctions.

“But as you know, in heaven or in Paradise no force to drive it is impossible, no benefits such intentions can not be justified… Each nation determining its own destiny”

— said Medvedev.

These words are ideologically opposed to the recent statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He promised that in the event of a nuclear attack on the country, the Russians will go to heaven. And the people of the aggressor country “will just die”.

That is, if you continue the thought of Vladimir Putin, it turns out that the power of heaven to drive. Indeed, proponents of a nuclear strike on Russia without even realizing it, that is what will make. And Dmitry Medvedev says that this is impossible.

However, those who are hoping for a split of elites, this quote Medvedev does not give great hope. After all, he and President Putin seem to be talking about one and the same country.

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