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“Medusa”: the market politicile captured by privateers, controlled by Malofeev and Prigogine

«Медуза»: рынок политнасилия захватывают частники, подконтрольные Малофееву и Пригожину

“Cops are forbidden to touch them”

“Medusa”: the market politicile captured by privateers, controlled by Malofeev and Prigogine

In Russia in the last few years there is a redistribution of the market of political violence — if he had been under the control of the security forces, but now he was captured by the private players. As stated in the investigation, “Medusa”, among the participants in the market is close to the Kremlin businessmen, including Yevgeny Prigozhin, which the media called “Putin’s cook”.

Under the auspices of the “Union of volunteers of Donbass” Andrey Boroda there is a military sports tournament “Volunteer of the game”. In this tournament, as told to “Medusa” the former employee of FSB, “has watched and hired” people “to perform tasks for political pressure”. “It was all prigorovskaja story — he agreed to it no questions asked,” writes of “Medusa”, citing an anonymous source. The head of SDD Boroday, according to media reports, once worked with a businessman Konstantin Malofeev, is now partnering with Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Among those selected on the tournament people someone was sent to Moscow and St. Petersburg, others returned to the Donbass. “They are now used for small stupid work: to intimidate and discredit, plus when there is an order for certain people in business,” says the FSB is close to the source. According to him, the participants of the groups feel “an absolute certainty of impunity,” because “the cops are forbidden to touch them, and the office [of the FSB] can only ask them not to touch specific characters [which the order is entered]”. The representative of SDD Maria Koleda in conversation with “Medusa” denied that the participants of the “Volunteer of the game” were formed such groups.


One of the participants in those “Volunteer games” was part of the assault on Moscow activist in March 2018. The activist, who was beaten, asked not to name his name to “not attract attention”. According to him, beat him four, fifth filmed the beating on their mobile phone. “All in hoods, and one for show without. Moment kicked, ran, shouted: “Pig, brute, creature!”. Smashed face. Eyes only swam one, and the second knuckles hurt — erosion [the cornea] is small. Did not say for what, but the signal from the customer of the attack] I made”, — the activist told. According to him, for it is the beating of young people received “only 100 thousand rubles.” Two of the attackers beaten the activist was identified in posted in “Vkontakte” photos “Volunteer games”. The young man who did not hide his face, the activist also saw a photo that replicated media in August 2019. Then, the lawyer of FBK Love Sable published a photo of people who, waylaid in the house, doused it with dirt. Party attack on Sable identified as 19-year-old Mark Miller. According to opposition activists, he is also associated with organized structures Eugene Prigogine surveillance of a politician Alexei Navalny and employees of his Fund to fight corruption, writes “Medusa”. Contact the Miller “Medusa” failed.

According to the veteran of the interior Ministry, familiar with the system of political violence in the country “more than ten” major players in this market in St. Petersburg is similar to the structures more. “[In Moscow and other cities of Russia, except St. Petersburg] most street protests against the liberals is either a Prigogine or [Konstantin] Malofeev. As if they are the entry points for such proposals, he says. — Everything [comes to them] requests [on political campaigns], they throw the technologists, those writing creative and takes, for example SDD”. Such cooperation of participants of the “volunteer Union of Donbass” with the two entrepreneurs “Medusa” confirmed one of the organizers of force.

Nevertheless, intelligence remains its own infrastructure for carrying out illegal street protests with force. In particular, the FSB supervised the movement of SERB.

The more dangerous the action, the more expensive it is, while geographical restrictions for the market of political violence does not exist. “If you pay the money, [the performers] go to any region. There are mobile teams which can work, and in Yaroslavl, Khanty-Mansiysk,” — says one of the consultants who resort to such methods. He explains what to do if a customer requires a large group to participate in a mass rally on the road: “Find senior foremen, the majority through private chat (same самыйTelegram). Given the supervisors the job that you need 500 people [to lead]. They give the foreman his job — the find”.

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