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Media: Russia made a plan of bribing FIFA officials when selecting host the 2018 world Cup

СМИ: Россия составила план подкупа чиновников ФИФА при выборе хозяина ЧМ-2018

The organizing Committee “Russia-2018” in selecting the host country of the 2018 world Cup was considered to influence FIFA officials to get their votes. It is reported with reference to the Insider.

A source said that he had received correspondence with the former head of the Moscow Department of culture Sergey Kapkov. It allegedly says that the Deputy Director of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Alexander Jorjadze in March 2010 sent Capkova “dossier on FIFA officials”.

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From these documents it follows that the voice of Franz Beckenbauer, you can get a “generous compensation Advisory services” his adviser. Michel Platini can “influence through major commercial partners of UEFA”. The voice of the Cypriot Marios Lefkaritis was estimated at 1-1,5 million euros, and among the ways of influencing the Briton Jeff Thompson mentioned “valuable gifts to his wife.” Chuck blazer of the United States could go through his possible acquaintance with Roman Abramovich.

In another document from the correspondence it is stated that Russia to win elections in the country the world Cup “we need to make contact with the Trustees of the members of the Executive Committee, and determine in the Russian business-elite persons whose commercial interests overlap with the interests of the members of the Executive Committee, some of whom are big businessmen”.

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These officials did not comment on the leak.

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