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Media reported about the large losses of the Russian Federation in Syria

СМИ сообщили о крупных потерях РФ в СирииIt became known about the death of a dozen fighters.

As a result of military action in Syria to 2017, in particular, in two campaigns for the release of Palmyra, killing at least a dozen men of Russian private military companies (PMCs) “Wagner”.

This is stated in the investigation group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

The authors of the investigation, studied the records in social networks and communicated with the relatives of Russian servicemen, found that killed Alex Ninten (according to various estimates, 31 Jan or 1 Feb), Roman Rudenko and Konstantin ZADOROZHNY (presumably, January 31), Ivan Slyshkin (12 February), Basil Urlin (20 February), Alexander Sagaydak (presumably died at the end of February, the exact date is unknown).

It is also noted that on 31 January killed Yuri Sokalsky (group not yet found data in the public domain) and another soldier PMCs, whose name has not yet been established.

According to preliminary data, in the battle of Palmyra also killed “vagnerovsky” Alexander tychinin, Mikhail Nefedov Dmitry Markelov.

The authors of the article emphasize that “a significant number of names yet to be determined”. They also reported that “the deaths of Russian mercenaries have a very late notification of relatives about the loss (of two weeks or more), inaccurate dates of death, delivery bodies in sealed “zinc” with a request not to open them.”

“In addition, the Russian defense Ministry would not confirm their deaths, although often forced to confirm the death of soldiers (especially after the publications of the journalists and investigators) (…) the defense Ministry acknowledged that during the operation in Syria killed 30 soldiers and two nurses. How many Russian military is in Syria, not officially reported,” – said in the investigation.

It also reported that “despite the fact that the original aim of the Russian operation in Syria has declared the fight against ISIS, the first days of Russian air strikes showed that the goal of rebels, the moderate opposition”.

“While ISIS remained outside the main focus of Russian troops, the losses were not struck by its scale. After the re-capture of Palmyra as a terrorist organization, attempts to encircle Tifor airbase (T4) and the start of counter-offensive, Assad’s forces and Russia at Palmyra, the number of dead Russians began to grow rapidly. This is due largely to the fact that ISIS militants are actively used suicide bombers, moreover, with them the impossible modes of the ceasefire, a truce,” write the authors of the investigation.

It also reported that “the vast majority of identified mercenaries had previously participated in the fighting in the Donbass, some were injured. Many of Wagnerova had experience of service in special forces and hot spots. The characteristic is also “the Wagner medal.”

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