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Media of Denmark: the U.S. does not leave attempts to take over Greenland

Due to climate changes, the US is gradually turning into desert. But neighboring little Canada to the Americans for the relocation, so they want to take over more and vacated ice-Greenland, making it their colony. It is nearly 2 million square km and 44 thousand km of coastline, writes the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

СМИ Дании: США не оставляют попыток завладеть Гренландией

According to forecasts of American experts after a few decades, a significant part of the United States will become a desert, becoming territories uninhabitable. The temperature in these areas will reach 50 degrees. Mexico will get worse, so the “wall of trump” can’t keep tens of millions of climate refugees seeking North. Sparsely populated Canada, the Americans will take the whole thing. But it will not be enough, given the incredible influx of Mexicans and South Americans.

Why White house attempts to “buy” Greenland will continue, because the US interest to it is caused not only in minerals and strategic location of the island.

Danish media is confident that Greenland is part of the United States will become only the second Alaska, where the Inuit, the indigenous people of North America are a minority. While 56 thousand Inuit of Greenland are unlikely to be able to protect themselves. In turn, the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Carl Sands regularly sends signals about the readiness of the USA to shed “Golden rain” on the inhabitants of Greenland, flirting with the local nationalists.

Currently, Denmark controls Greenland in economic terms. While the defense plan of the island is completely subordinated to the United States. This is a danger for Greenland, as sooner or later the Americans will start to behave as if it belongs to them.

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