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Media: NABU detained the son of the MP Berezkin

СМИ: НАБУ задержало сына нардепа БерезкинаThe organizer of the scheme of withdrawal from savings Bank $ 20 million, according to media reports, is the MP Stanislav Berezkin.

The detainee is the former co-owner of Agroholding Creative, which brought savings Bank of $ 20 million.

According to the publication, the organizer of this scheme, according to investigators, is the MP from the group of the will of the people Stanislav Berezkin. The appropriation of $20 million was carried out by the conclusion of fictitious transactions for the supply of goods with the Swiss firm CREATIV TRADING SA, and Belize Quadra Commodities SA Limited to that amount. The actual delivery of goods under these contracts was not implemented.

The National Bureau found that $10 million to PJSC Creative listed Quadra Commodities SA Limited in the Latvian Bank ABLV Bank. Then $7,64 million transferred to the Cyprus offshore Pricewaterhousecoopers Associates Ltd for the purchase of the firm Quadra Commodities SA Limited 100% stake in the company Barcosta Ventures Limited, which owns 97% of shares of PJSC Chernomorgidrostroy. The rest of these credit funds in the amount of $2.32 million was transferred to another Belize company Titan LTD to an account in Latvian Bank.

According to the investigation, the company CREATIV TRADING SA, Quadra Commodities SA Limited and TITAN LTD was controlled by one group of individuals.

According to the Telegram channel, The Newsroom, among the detained also the brother of Maxim Berezkin, the daughter of an MP are looking for.

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