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Media: mercenaries PMC “Wagner” in Syria on camera brutally murdered, beheaded and burned people

СМИ: наемники ЧВК «Вагнер» в Сирии на камеру жестоко убили, обезглавили и сожгли человек

The soldiers of the so-called PMCs “Wagner” brutally murdered, beheaded and burned man in Syria, accompanied by the cynical jokes. Everything was shot on video. Journalists were able to identify at least one killer.

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, the video of the brutal murder hit the Internet in 2017. However, the faces of the murderers lay hidden. But in November, the Network appeared the continuation of the story — a few videos and a collective photo.

The footage, several soldiers in an informal outfit, speaking in Russian without an accent, hammer a sledgehammer lying on the ground a man in civilian clothes. Man kill that looks like an Arab.

In the second video, which appeared recently, the man is unconscious or dead. One of the men cut him with a knife head, the rest of the tips: “Cut, let’s stronger! Right the vertebrae break! Shovel on!”. Then the hands are cut off of murdered sapper shovel, noting: “his Feet need to leave legs suspension”.

Further, the body without head and hands hanging upside down, doused with gasoline and burned. Killers while talking about the barbecue and grilled the ribs.

Says the Arab Free Press, killed the man in the video Mohammed Taha Ismail al-Abdullah (Hammadi Taha al-buta). He was born in 1986 in Deir ez-Zor during the war has left Syria, but returned in the summer of 2017. The man was mobilized in the reserve army of Bashar al-Assad, but defected. However, he was caught. Arab journalists believe that he was executed in the field Shair in the Syrian province of HOMS. In 2017 militants “LIH” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) was knocked out with a field that is a division of PMC “Wagner”.

One of the members of the execution in the video took off arafatki from the face, and the journalists were able to find it in social networks. It is known that he served as exploration in PMC “Wagner”. Also in a Network there was a group photo of the killers in the background executed. There their faces are also visible. The corpse says “For VDV”.

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