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Media called the main cause of non-combat losses in the ATO

СМИ назвали главную причину небоевых потерь в АТОMilitary death resulting from alcoholism, often hide behind the words “heart attack”.

The drunkenness of the military in the ATO is a major cause of non-combat losses, while the defense Ministry claim that they are suicide, disease and careless handling of weapons.

This writes the Ukrainian Pravda with reference to the sources.

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“In 2016, the defense Ministry counted only 10 dead in total non-combat losses – 256 military. At the same time, almost all interviewed by the author sources of information agree on one thing: alcohol abuse is the primary cause of most non-combat losses”, – writes the edition.

According to separate doctors who worked in the ATO, often military death resulting from the abuse of alcohol hiding behind the wording “died of a heart attack” or “died of heart failure.”

“There is no official statistics of alcohol abuse by the military, and what part mobilized and contractors have the disease of “chronic alcoholism” could not be found. The Ministry of defence and the General staff did not communicate with the UE during the preparation of this material,” the material says.

The article describes the case when the Sergeant, 30 brigade, being in an alcohol intoxication, made a fire, which killed 6 soldiers, 11 were injured.

The article also notes that with the transition to contract formation APU the scale of the problem decreased, but the problem has not disappeared.

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