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Mazda showed a new and impressive concept

Mazda показала новый впечатляющий концепт New car caused great interest of car enthusiasts.

Mazda today at the ongoing Tokyo motor show showed the concept Coupe Vision. This four-door coupe demonstrates the design direction for future Mazda vehicles.

Coupe Vision of the Mazda aroused great interest not only among journalists writing on the automotive theme, but also ordinary visitors to the Tokyo motor show. We also this concept made a strong impression. Of course, positive. We loved sports, and severe design. If all new cars Mazda will be created in accordance with this design, their sales increase significantly, we’re sure of that.

Especially in this concept, we are pleased with the new and unique wheel. They go perfectly with the body design. By the way, these wheels have allocated many journalists, specially photographed them for their publications.

In the cabin drew the attention of the center console with inserts of wood, and a large information display. The interior is trimmed with high-quality modern materials.

Will the Vision concept Mazda Coupe in series production – the Japanese are still silent. But if such a decision is made, the Vision Coupe will certainly occupy a leading place in the segment of full-size four-door coupe.

In Tokyo, Mazda has shown several of their new products. Among them we note the futuristic concept RX-Vision, the MX-5 Roadster, and the new crossover CX-8. By the way, CX-8, unfortunately, will be sold only in Japan. Other countries don’t get it.

Mazda показала новый впечатляющий концепт
Mazda показала новый впечатляющий концепт

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