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Maybe limited to parades?

Может быть, ограничиться парадами?

Aware of huge importance to the question of whether to award the literary prize of the name of Eduard Uspensky, I’m not going to touch it.

And affect better question that Russia, using the expression of another classic recent literature, is still fighting in Libya, somewhere. Although what is really there, “the United States accused”. The fact of the delivery to Libya of the aircraft, which then will be to pilot some “mercenaries” (obviously learned this driving courses in Urjupinsk), as there of the miners and teachers of the “group of Wagner” is quite obvious.

In early March Russia was on the brink of war with Turkey in Syria, and not a proxy war, and most of this, and prevent it was only at the last moment. But a more quiet war continues in Syria, and Libya. They are costly, spoil the reputation of Russia, do not bring her any good and, in the end, lead to the mass murder of citizens of those countries.

Maybe you should, finally, be limited to parades, if it is absolutely, without a military show not enough?

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