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May day with police batons: live

Первомай с полицейскими дубинками: прямой репортаж

Along Nevsky Prospekt are the people with batons. The opposition severely delayed on the March.

In the center of St. Petersburg held a traditional may day March. Along Nevsky Prospekt’s March are the most diverse political and social forces — “United Russia”, Communists, LDPR, “SRS”, “Apple”, non-systemic opposition. As well as representatives profsoyuznyj movements, the LGBT, the anti-fascists; the nationalists, feminists, animal rights activists, local activists and others.

Nevsky prospect and the adjoining streets were blocked. There put barricades on duty police officers. At Gostiny Dvor is a large number of men in uniform with batons. They lined the Nevsky Prospekt. Passers very surprised by so many security forces.

At the station “Mayakovskaya” is only one output, the second blocked the police — people have to go through the metal detector. “Gostiny Dvor” has closed access to the canal, and in the underpass blocked off the side exits. People go through the “Nevsky prospect”. There they are forced to pass through the frame, and the police checked all the bags.

Activists detained near the house before the procession. The Department carry at least 10 people. There were six of feminists — they were caught near space “Rib of eve”.



Nevsky 59. The sidewalks are activists of the United Russia party, feminists and others – they seem to go home.





28 the police Department of the 11 detainees, said the Deputy of legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.





The movement opened, people walk. Activists are on the side. This is the first day in St. Petersburg.





Riot police standing on the roadway, on the sidewalks of life returning to normal.





Traffic on Nevsky opened.





The Deputy Maxim Reznik after the detention of disappeared shoes. Amazing!









Activists standing on the sidewalk. The procession stopped.





On Nevsky detained several people. Now all herded onto the sidewalk and cleared the way.





St. Isaac’s square.

Первомай с полицейскими дубинками: прямой репортажПервомай с полицейскими дубинками: прямой репортажПервомай с полицейскими дубинками: прямой репортаж

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