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May Abrikosov: “In “the House-2″ has wasted their time with harm to themselves”


Haven’t heard from the ex-participant of “House-2” May Apricots. After the draft, he spent some time in Moscow and then moved to the village where he still lives. Apricots (novel Tertyshny — real name) lives with his mother in the village, engaged in creativity: writing poetry, scripts and wants to act in films. “I led a riotous life in the capital, party to go does not want, probably just matured,” admitted May.

Interview, he give not very fond of, but recently his quiet life was broken by insensitive journalists of one of the Moscow channel, after which the novel decided to speak openly to Instagram, what happened, and answer all the questions.


So, according to Tertyshna, with former members of telestroke he practically does not communicate, is that watching them in social networks. Some exchanges messages periodically.

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The novel also admitted that the show “Dom-2” he considers his personal descent and creative collapse: “time Spent wasted, harm. Yes, I get annoyed by the mention of the project. If you have had the opportunity to turn back the clock, would prefer to graduate the last six months at the Academy of Arts and otherwise would be engaged in the development of the profession. Then, I remember, I seriously was keen on directing…” — said a former member of the TV show in an interview with “StarHit”.


According to Abrikosov, now at the project attention the most decent “Oldies”, as they already largely know what you want to show in your next return.

Apricots are not left without attention of Olga Buzova. According to him, he does not regret it, because she’s a strong girl and can handle it: “the Gap Buzova with Tarasov surprised me. It seemed that their popular pair will withstand any test. But alas… If there are such things — run, Olga, it’s not yours! I have no regrets. But why the need? She’s a fighter, a warrior, workaholic, rise, shake, and go further. I think Olga Buzova who heads the list of all former participants of “House-2″. She has achieved a lot, and I think that will not stop there”.


Roman told us that in the life of his family first: mother, with whom he lives and whom he cares about and also a girlfriend, whom he recently proposed.

“The basic plans are connected with my family, with their well-being. And the rest: I really want to implement the concepts. Think, decide, much time is spent on organizing new projects,” admitted Roman.

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