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Maxim Kabir told us about monsters, skeletons and other horrors!

Maxim Kabir is the man for a long time already it is not necessary to separately provide the connoisseurs of Russian literature of horrors. Poet, writer, fan of genre cinema. The stories of Kabir was published practically in many significant anthologies of mystery and horror that appeared in Russia in recent years: books “Puzzle”, “Inadequate”, “alpha female” was published in publishing house “Eksmo”, and “Dark side of Networks”, “Dark side of the road”, “Halloween”, “Dark”, “13 killers” and “13 witches” in the AST. In addition, Kabir’s a regular in the yearbooks “Most terrible book” (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, “the worst book: the Best”) and is regularly in the finals of the frightening stories , “Baker’s dozen”.

It is strange that such a prolific author this year alone, his debut solo book, a novel “Skeletons” to be published in a series of SSK, in the meantime, I became a finalist in the “manuscript of the year”. On this occasion, the Area of Horror I decided to talk to Kabir about the Russian horror and horror in General.

Hi, Max. First, congratulations on the nomination for “the Manuscript of the year”. And, of course, with the publication of another story in another anthology. “Singing in the deep”, in my opinion, became a decoration of the “13 monsters”. Tell me how you came up with the idea for this story?

Hi Mike, Hello, everyone! Thank you for your kind words. In the “Singing” I realized two tempting idea — I wrote about the psychiatric hospital of the early twentieth century and about her adventures in Africa, in Northern Rhodesia, at the same time. Plus a tribute to Robert Howard and Henry Haggard. Once I saw on eBay a lot — the scheme of the St. Petersburg hospital for the insane, located in the Peter and Paul fortress. And immediately bought it, he felt it was key to the story. And so it proved. Then I just became inhabited by characters from those creepy rooms depicted in the diagram.

Not ashamed to admit that for a long time are already a fan of your work. Noticed that in the last year or two you began to write horror, so to speak, “historical”, with immersion in the era, with lots of small details. What is the reason?

First, I am a historian by education, and secondly, to solve complex problems is always more interesting. To write about the neighboring district, I just need to sit down at the computer. And to tell about the Moscow fair the beginning of the 19th century, or about the detective from St. Petersburg of the end of the same century, you need to read two dozen narrowly focused books. How people dressed, what they ate, what smell, what we were joking about and stuff, stuff. Because such texts as “virgin” or “Sin” are written for a couple of days, but the preparation for writing, gathering of materials takes months.Where to buy “13 monsters”?

You know, you clearly share their poetry and prose. But, you see, to separate one from the other only in terms of subject and form, because the author is still single — Kabir. So, the style, the possession of the word — at this level still have something in common inevitably present. At the same time as you are a poet was, I guess, before the writer. As it is today, now do you manage to combine two of his hypostasis? Kabir or prose-writer is gradually replacing the creativity Kabir-poet?

I since the childhood wanted to be a writer. Dreamed of a typewriter. In seventh grade, he wrote a novel about demons from Maine. It was read by one person — my classmate Nina, red hair. In student’s years to dream about writing added dream of becoming a rock musician. And as any interest in horror, no grounds did not exist, I devoted myself to poetry. Because I perceived it as music, as the drive as the scene for their rock performances. Now, writing prose is the main thing in my life, I write daily and a lot. And write ten poems a year they do this, I think, only benefit. However, in the prose I use the same techniques as in poetry. And internal rhymes, and alliteration, and melody. Here in “Singing in the depths”: “So we parted forever, and the train took me past the construction of bridges and trading posts”… “Post-bridge” – is not accidental rhyme of these things there are many.

Oh, I love games with sound in prose. Perhaps that is why I, too, your stories like. By the way, it is believed that the literature of the horrors most suitable form of short stories, of the story. And you initially wrote just stories. Interesting project on Facebook, where you’re practically every day he laid out some short scary story — is he still alive? Are you going to continue to turn this into something more than a page on the social network?

You know, I feel not just a creative unit, but a parishioner of the Church, which is the name of horror. If my parish in need of novels (and they are needed now), I am a proponent of simple, you just go and write. “Short summer nights of nightmares”, the public you’re talking about, very much alive. Today there are about one hundred and thirty of my stories, plus hundreds of thumbnails in fifty words each. Recently, a reader gave me a homemade book with microfascism of “CLNC”. On paper it looks great.

Not every narrator could easily switch to a larger form. For example, the debut novel by king Jr., Joe hill, was a General view that much weaker with his own collection of short stories “20th century Ghosts”. You easily gave in a few weeks the first version of “Skeletons”, and then, without making any special breaks, he wrote another novel, albeit a smaller volume. What’s your secret, confess. Whom and to whom you sacrificed to the same good writing and short stories, and large?

Tea is not mine to work, the point is simple enough and is overrated. To every day only to do, what to write, I’m not ready. As it turned out this way. I have, of course, wanted to go to a large form, and was thinking how to do it. We talked with my colleague, a wonderful writer Oleg Kozhin, and he said, “Just go ahead and write a novel.” I thought, how so simple? And to choose evil? Yes, about vampires, you can write about ghosts. But take brownies. No one wrote novels about brownies. From Lewandowski — the novel, Bentley little’s boundaries. How about brownies write something four hundred pages? And it dawned on me: brownies should be two in two apartments simultaneously. From this idea grew the”Skeletons”. By the way, the brownies there in the end no.
The second novel, “Flies”is a homage to Victorian horror, a gas-light in Russian, the story of the bad house. Third, “Hunger”, talks about working in television, where I actually work in reality. But there TV is not easy, but it is very bloody. “Skeletons”, “Flies” and “Hunger” – a kind of trilogy of desire. With overlapping locations and characters. But each book is independent. This year I finished working on the fourth novel, dark and disturbing, which is called “Nevermore”. It’s a tribute to underground music and at the same time, Edgar Allan PoE. Don’t want to be like king — mow! At the moment, my most favorite thing “from your”.

Uh-PE-net. I would kind of productivity!.. Like several other people, I read “Skeletons” in one of the draft versions. Like other readers, I’m your debut novel I want to praise. It is compared with the novels of Bentley little, and not in favor of the latter — and I agree with that. Tell me about how it was created this book.

Very easy and relaxed, even despite the fact that at that time I changed jobs, and overall, life was just revolving. I thought, I’ll try, created the vordovsky document, and in three months, happy printed the word “END”. Especially cool to come up with their own city, let Varsavia and is a Frankenstein monster made of several real towns. Large form — it is something. Take, how the characters come to life and refuse to obey the author. None of the characters are not turned out the way I had envisioned it, and that’s a sign that heroes come not cardboard. A hundred pages I wrote, knowing who will be the murderer, but the character said, I’m a killer not going to be, look for another sucker. I had to rewrite a third of the text.
Was still a funny moment: I did fifty pages, when the network appeared the trailer of the movie “Split”. And I really didn’t like this trailer because I was worried that the “Skeletons” and “Split” – one and the same. Not all “Skeletons”, and one line story, one bone of my skeletons. And I wrote the epilogue, when came the film itself. It turned out that we with Shyamalan coincided only in those moments where not soared and used the most unsophisticated and obvious. But in a sign that three months Shyamalan was making me nervous, I put the final scene with a visit to the premiere of “split”.
One of the main questions of the book: will there be an end to humanity in 2017? Here’s a spoiler: it’s not.

Remember that episode from the book “It” by king, where he talked about how bill Denbrough became a writer? There metr expressed sensible idea that a good story will always find some kind of meaning, and the author himself does not have this meaning was intended to attach. But then, in hindsight, the author can admit that Yes, this meaning, this idea in his text available. So — what about the meaning of “Skeletons”? What this book by its semantic, ideological content? Not in terms of plot, but in terms of what you, as the author, they say, what message to send to your readers?.. Or you and the King do not agree, and any meanings and ideas are never put into his own work?

Agree completely. And often that these meanings of the unconscious. The case of the critics find them. In the “Skeletons” characters return to their home province. Where, of course, nothing has changed. This is a book about change. That we need to carry with you from home and what to throw away. And about the things that we will never get, no matter how wanted. Left the depths of the man — he really changed, or a skeleton, the skeleton is fundamentally unchanged? I did not like the answers I received, having been with the characters a long way. No, I did not like.

You still have time to do a “Knickie”. It, like your other statement, where you talk about the great poets and writers, I always enjoy watching and strongly recommend to everyone to review, because it’s a really interesting, informative and very cool on the pitch.

Very glad you like!

First, tell where you have such a huge knowledge base about all of this.

For many years I read about writers, about movies, and I have excellent memory — PAH-PAH.

And secondly, damn, how you do all this time? You have some kind of special mode of the day? You sleep for 2 hours a day and sit on the energy sector? Your performance is simply fascinating!

Oh, I don’t have time. Even considering that in addition to writing and gear don’t do anything anymore. Want to live on a planet where a day lasts a week.
In General, I don’t understand the word “boredom”. How to be bored in a world where so many books and movies?
The work helps me clear timetable. Wake up at nine I have already made a playlist of movies. On one monitor is constantly going movie, on the other — work. Writing a novel, story, and text for the new transmission to 16.00. Then a walk in the outskirts of the city a couple of hours, gather my thoughts, looking for plot points. Evening watching a movie or continue to write, if I idea. From 23.00 till 3 am to read technical or fiction. Once a week the transmission is mounted. And just spend a weekend with your loved ones. Usually Saturday I want to watch a movie and I was the rest of the movie.

Yeah, you’re a bunch of the movies reviewed. Unbelievable some number, and you look old and new, classic and iconic in a very narrow circles of the picture. Advise something, huh? What you viewed in the last weeks and months especially liked?

I’m trying to watch 55 films per week. But we must remember that the films are, as I write, I’ve seen a hundred times already, and can not be distracted too much. The last 10 out of 10 I put the masterpiece Hotinenko “Mirror for the hero”. The authors of the paper about “popadantsev” you need to see this movie, and leave our reality. Still very much a “Love of the hooligan”, a melodrama about one of my idols, Serge Gainsbourg. If to speak about the horror, I would pick “Quiet place” – a powerful movie! “Bus to hell” from hitmaker Rolf Kanefsky haven’t seen such a half-witted trash. “Muse”, Balaguero liked the literary basis and the atmosphere.

Imagine that the “Skeletons” have already been published and sold in record time. What’s next? Are there any plans for other books?

“Flies” are buzzing, demanding to release them from the disk “D”. Hungry journalists of TV channel “TV gold” eager to tell the reader what the reader most likely will turn gray. Well, crow, descended from the pages (and settled in my fresh novel) bad news for you.

In recent years, you’re pretty much stories written in collaboration with Dmitry Kostyukevich. I, as a person who co-tried something, but nothing finished, but if we try, then, usually, something in a large form, always wondered how authors manage to write short stories together with someone else? Seriously, how do you build with a partner work on the text? And, in your opinion, writing in collaboration is easier or harder than the solo?

Not easier and not harder — otherwise. The main thing is to find its author and forget about selfishness. Dima is completely “my” writer. And technically, it’s simple. I’m writing a piece — he writes. Me again — he makes the final. Or Vice versa. Wrote, then’t “aww”: Oh, how cool we are, Oh, Dima, I can’t do what we are good at. Long and lusciously congratulate ourselves on coordinated, edited, and ready. Now we do a collection of ten coauthored texts, each devoted to one decade of the 20th century. Zero, tenth, twentieth… three of the story. “Age of nightmares” will be called a book.

Before the release of “Skeletons” a few months, but for now back to the “13 monsters”. Have you read the stories and novels of other authors included in this book? Can evaluate them? And the entire book as a whole?

I love this entire line, but the “13 monsters” – my favorite. Because monsters are more interesting for me than maniacs and witches. The collection is gorgeous. Favorite story – “the ultimate intimacy” Kiasi. Hell, it’s crazy.

What, in your opinion, lacks modern Russian horror right now? Maybe you think that, on the contrary, it has something unnecessary?

I am in permanent evolution. Everything develops as it should develop. I enjoy horror more than twenty years. In the second half of the nineties, I read a lot of Robert Bloch, Straub, R. James, asked: do we have similar? I’m not talking about Andreeva and Gogol, and about contemporaries. Sure I knew about the two authors: Aleeve and the writer that the story “the Grasshopper” was written, it was included in the anthology. Think of Salamatov name of the writer. And today a fan of dark literature, living, for example, in Siberia, he, if he loves the genre, both loved it, your humble servant, it is this conditional Siberian boy reading Bloch, R. James, Straub, and he knows about the existence of kostukevich, Podolsky, Parfenova, Matyukhina, Kozhin, Zharkova — we inherited in our temple, famous for its rough edges!

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