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Max Fadeev discouraged by the reaction Litvinova and Posner on the number of the dancer without legs

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Last weekend on the show “Minute of fame” was another scandal. This time the reason for discussion was the performance of a professional dancer Yevgeny Smirnov, who lost his leg after a car accident. Dancing duet of Eugene and Alena Shineway touched the audience, but some members of the jury, alas, was not amused.

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

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Vladimir Pozner said that delighted with the room, but not ready to allow the participants in the next round: “Hat off repeatedly, but will vote against”. Sergei Yursky was also amazed by the feat Eugene, but all voted “for”.

Then to Express the opinion came Renata Litvinova. It also gave approval for continued participation of Eugene in the show, but managed to sympathize with him, calling it “a human amputee”! Moreover, she invited the dancer to fasten the second leg, “that was not so obvious.”

Sergei Svetlakov again tried to smooth things over: “He came out and asked: “Show close up what happened to me”. The scene was the room. He danced like a dancer and not as a cripple. He did that with two legs will not do!”

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After the speech in an interview, Yevgeny admitted that the words of the jury hurt his feelings. The dancer stood up producer Maxim Fadeev, who was startled by the sharp comments of Posner and Litvinova.

“After the number Genis Posner suggested that his statement is speculation that pity out of people. Do I understand correctly that Mr. Posner is against the participation of people with any form of disability in any TV shows? Access them there needs to be closed as a leper? And if none of them? But on the same First channel audience proved their tolerance by voting for the party of the third season of the show “the Voice. Children”, — said the producer in his column for the portal

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Special attention Fadeev focused on the behavior Litvinova. “Zhenya, she called amputee and, casting his directorial eye, advised him to fasten the prosthesis, the presence which his disability would not be so obvious. The term “amputee” really exists, but, for example, if such replica sounded in the air any American TV shows (and Posner is very well known), then immediately a talker at least would have gone to court and paid the fine for public insult and humiliation of the person”, — said the producer.

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The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

According to Fadeeva, the fate of Eugene he cares about: a year ago it was Max who invited a dancer to star in their Nargiz Zakirova the video for the song “Together”. “I wanted to show how strong and majestic the limitations of the physical. In the end, Genis example has inspired thousands and hundreds of thousands of disabled people to fight their own depression. Many of them believe that it is possible to be the woman that you can be a full-time father or mother. Even standing on one leg. Even sitting in a wheelchair,” added the producer. Max previously spoke about the performance of the 8-year-old Victoria Starikova that the jury “minutes of glory” was brought to tears.

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