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Max Fadeev about the performance of the 8-year-old Victoria Starikova: “I cried with her”

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Recently on the show “Minute of fame” was a scandal. The performance of the eight-year-old Victoria Starikova, who performed the song Zemfira “Live in your head”, caused a public outcry. The channel viewers outraged hard refereeing performances of the girls.

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The jury has found that such composition is not suitable for a first grader who has no idea what singing is. Renata Litvinova was surprised that Victoria is choosing to contest this song, don’t know other works Zemfira. “I internally protest against this. Some prohibited course. Excuse me, you are a good girl,” said Litvinov.

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Spoke sharply about the performance, and Vladimir Pozner: “I am against children on the stage. It’s more parental vanity — parents want the kids left and they could boast. Eight-year-old man singing a song written not eight”. Until the jury spoke, Victoria cried, but no one thought to reassure her.

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

Producer Max Fadeev, who has been a mentor show “the Voice. Children”, could not remain aloof from this situation. In his Instagram post he wrote in which he stood up for Victoria and condemned Vladimir Pozner for harsh criticism of the child. According to the producer, seeing as crying girl, he himself could not hold back tears.

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“Just watched a wonderful speech Wiki Starikova on “Minute of glory”. <…> Get past what happened in the air can not, because I am the father, teacher and musician. Unlike all gathered there in the jury. Therefore, you can evaluate it from the point of view of professional and pedagogical. I’ve always had a deep respect for Mr. Posner and thought he was the smartest, the thin man, top-class journalist. But, in my opinion, his attitude towards this little child was very cruel and totally insensitive. He’s also a father and he knows that with a baby you need to be extremely cautious and careful in the assessments and criticisms against him,” — said Fadeev (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).


Max said that criticism should certainly be, but not evil, but neat: “a little girl like criticism should be in the form of games or soft and fatherly. That the child correctly took. But Mr. Posner has chosen a different style of communication with a child no taller than 40 cm When I saw that she told members of the jury, I cried with her. Because I felt sorry for her: why does she have to clarify who chose this song and how she puts it. She puts exactly what he feels, that’s enough! She didn’t have to rush all sorts of intelligent sayings to indulge your ear with spoiled men. She just sang and everything. It is neither good nor bad. She’s just singing, trying to convey their feelings”.

Fadeev believes that one of the judges Sergey Svetlakov was ashamed of his colleagues:
“I saw the face of Sergei Svetlakov, who with each phrase, his colleagues did not know what to do with myself. I believe that he was ashamed of sitting on the left hand. Because I know, as it relates to children and how he is a wonderful father. Behavior, faces and texts Litvinova: I will not comment, it is clear”.

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

By the way, the main thread of criticism in the Network struck it on Renata Litvinova. So, blogger Lena Miro admitted that the performance of Victoria it touched. According to Miro, a girl full of inspiration and hope, sang, putting into words his soul, and Litvinov pounced on her like a vulture.

Lena has called Renata “mediocrity”, “fake grace Kelly” and “on a show of being an aristocrat”. The blogger believes that the actress just publicly humiliated the girl, drove her to “feelings of shame and guilt”.


However, there are those who stood up for Litvinov. Stylist Mikhail Baryshnikov commented on the post Lena Miro: “I saw these articles have a dozen. And I have a question, and what actually did Litvinova, I’m not lazy, watched that show in the record and nothing of all these horrors did not see, I somehow inadequate? Well, except for that little girl sings a pretty awful song to understand will fail for another 10 years, maybe. Of course, the question arises, when parents forbid to walk their kids like poodles at shows in such TV programs and other Teterboro. But why so much noise? The show is so low numbers? Or all those morons who write these articles really are there to see “the humiliation of an innocent pure soul,” and not squalid parental ambitions?”

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