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“Masters of horror” made the cover of the novel “In the final, John will die”

Fans of horror literature have been asked our publishers to recall David Wong and his cycle John Dies At the End. The first volume in Russia was released in 2012 in a series of “Alternative”, however, did not get on (informal network transfers do not count). But soon this story will begin again to conquer bookstores.

For the publication cycle is taken “act” in the face “Masters of horror”. Earlier in the series was released only new (although the individual pieces were available in the form of malotirazhek or fan translation), and now here burst full reprint of the novel “In the final, John will die”. And we already have a cover!


This city has always something strange.
There are often people disappear, appear from nowhere mysterious cars, and still live here David and John are quite ordinary guy who once was lucky enough to accidentally open the door to another world (Hell, Measurement X, Zen, the Metaverse – as the only people to call it). That’s only if you see it, and the locals see you, and they are very curious and often very hungry. And then the city begins to happen is that none of the nightmare not dream: Shadow People, Clones, Slugs, Tentacles, Creature, describe which human language there, and Monsters. A Lot Of Monsters. Both David and John are pretty fast understand that some doors close very hard, but the reality is much more interesting and scary than it seems to mankind.

The book turned out bright and memorable, and the movie it took the Creator of “Phantasm” don Coscarelli. In General, fans of the genre to pass is not recommended.

The sale of the novel will be released before the end of this year, roughly in November. Well, in 2019 looking forward to the sequel.

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