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“Masters of horror” made the cover of “the House of small shadows” by Adam Neville

Book series “Masters of horror” from “Astrel-SPb” it is impossible not to love: the last time fans of horror got a lot of close for every taste. Masterton, Ligotti, Campbell, Limon, Burke, Langan… even fans of the zombie satisfied, because among other things published the anthology “Night of the living dead”. Very soon will see the light novel by Greg F. Giffuni “Season of blood”, but what’s next?

The members of the editorial Board misleading: readers will meet again with Briton Adam Neville. It can rightly be called the main author of the series: his novel “Judgment days,” she began, and then it was published as “Ritual”, and now on our third book – “the House of small shadows” (House of Small Shadows). Plus do not forget that the already acquired rights to publish neverovskogo “Under a Watchful Eye”. In short, Adam will be a lot.

But back to the “House of small shadows”. The official abstract reads as follows:

Red house – the mansion of the late M. H. Mason, the genius puppeteer and Taxidermist. Descendants almost forgot about him, but now the heirs decide to sell the work of Mason and his creations once again come to light. To evaluate the collection comes an employee of the auction house Catherine Howard. Seeing the exquisite and sinister dioramas of artist dedicated to the horrors of the First world war, and the strange dolls, she realizes that before her treasure, which can bring millions.
But in the Red House hides many secrets as grim and dark as its past Katherine. At night the estate comes to life, there are heard strange steps on the stairs and seen strange shadows. Moreover, in the history of the Mason and his creations something terrible, and soon the boundaries between reality, madness and nightmare begin to crumble, and Catherine’s life is changed forever.

As usual, the book has enough positive responses from known associates and publications:

“The house of small shadows” is a fascinating novel, a kind of hymn to how the past history – both shared and private – holding us prisoner.

Jeff Vandermeer State, The Guardian

In “the House of small shadows” by Adam Neville explores the fear of dolls and puppets, but then this phobia develops into a story about a long-forgotten English folk tradition, at the same time totally believable and terrifying. Incredibly creepy and disturbing novel. The Independent

Adam Neville is a fantastic storyteller, and this time he has created a truly terrible, feverish book. “The house of small shadows” is a sinister, confusing and incredibly creepy novel that all lovers of literature horror will be happy to read and fifty years. Scott Smith

One of the most acute and talented horror writers of our time with a truly original voice. Michael Marshall Smith

The book will be on sale in October, closer to Halloween. And we already have cover. Wait!

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