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Massive failure of Skype: the above mentioned reason

Масштабный сбой в работе Skype: названа причинаHackers from CyberTeam took the blame for failures in Skype and promised to crack Steam.

Hackers from the organization CyberTeam has claimed responsibility for hacking Skype. Internet pirates promised to soon reach the Steam servers.

A few days ago there was a global failure of the Skype messenger. Users around the world began to report that can’t send text and voice messages. In the end, it turned out that the cause of the failure was a hacker attack, in which the pirates got on the server of the messenger and tried to get personal information of users.

Representatives of the groups CyberTeam noted that in the near future they also intend to hack the popular game service Steam. The resource administration stated that it would take all necessary measures in order to be prepared for a possible attack.

The hackers made a statement on his page on Twitter. There they called themselves “the aggressive famous group LizardSquad”.

CyberTeam previously hacked into several large shopping venues, including Chinese retailer AliExpress. Fortunately, the administration was able to restore access to the portal in just a few minutes, which is why the pirates did not get to the personal data of all registered users.

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