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Massive “dead” galaxy has surprised scientists

Массивна «мертвая» галактика удивила ученыхThe galaxy has stopped producing stars after a few billion years after the Big Bang.

Scientists using the method of gravitational lensing and observations through the Hubble telescope found a massive, rapidly rotating galaxy, which stopped producing stars just a few billion years after the Big Bang.

As reported on the NASA website, this galaxy can change ideas about the formation of similar star clusters.

When the Hubble took a picture of the galaxy, the researchers expected to see a chaotic ball of stars, which was formed due to the collision of galaxies. Instead, in the picture the scientists saw evidence that the stars were born in a pancake disk.

Массивна «мертвая» галактика удивила ученых

This was the first direct evidence that so-called “dead” galaxies that stopped star formation, in some way develop out of similar to the milky way disk in giant elliptical galaxies.

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