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Massacre in Kerch: pictures from the place where I trained to shoot Roslyakov. Video

Бойня в Керчи: появились кадры с места, где тренировался стрелять Росляков. ВидеоVideo from training camp Vladislav Roslyakov

Rossm published a video in which place, where, allegedly honed his skills Vladislav Roslyakov, staged a massacre in the Crimean Polytechnic Institute. The guy practiced there shooting and use of explosives. The video was released by channel life.

As noted in the source material, Roslyakov shot, was engaged in the Assembly and testing of homemade bombs in an abandoned building near his home. On the eve of the tragic events Roslyakov took back their belongings: laptop, phone and write, after all burned.

Voice-over says that in the place were found the remains of a homemade bomb is exactly the same what was found in the backpack Vladislav. Also found a jar of oil for weapons and scraps of duct tape.

According to local residents, on the eve of the massacre in College, in the area of the vacant lot with abandoned house had heard the explosions. This was the final training Roslyakova, after which he made the attack.

Found items will be delivered for examination, where experts will receive accurate information about their contents.

The tragedy in Kerch: there was a video from training camp Vladislav Roslyakov

Will analyze calls and remote correspondence. This will help to provide a complete picture of how he was preparing for the crime, as well as confirm or refute the hypothetical scenario of the incident that Roslyakov, acting in concert with assistants.

We will remind, earlier there was a video with the shooter moments before the massacre.

It was also reported that neighbors and relatives of the deceased Kerch arrow Vlada Roslyakova, who committed mass murder at the Polytechnic College, said that the boy from childhood was very cruel.

Before it became known that the student Roslyakovo appointed post-mortem psychiatric examination.

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