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Mass stabbing in Kiev: four injured

Массовая поножовщина в Киеве: четверо пострадавшихThe incident occurred in the Podolsk district of the capital.

In the capital there was a bloody showdown, which ended up in the hospital.

Later that evening the police called the woman and told about the fight between the five men on Liberty Avenue, near the clinic. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Arriving at the scene of a brawl, police found 43-year-old man who was stabbed.

The ambulance took him to the hospital. The rest of the participants of the fight fled the scene.

Soon from the doctors, the cops found out about the hospitalization of three people with stab wounds.

It turned out that that night the wife of 43-year-old man was returning home, the husband was supposed to meet her, but a little late.

Near the clinic was the trio of guys. The woman, thinking that there is her husband, shone a flashlight on them.

Men didn’t like it. Rude words to the inhabitant of Kiev angered her husband, who came. The men began to argue, the showdown came to blows with the stabbing.

After a fight at the scene remained the only senior man who called the police and doctors. The young men fled. And when they became ill, their relatives called a doctor to the house.

During the fight a knife periodically shifted from one participant to another. In the end, all four were stab wounds.

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