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Mass protests in France: on the street, out of 38 thousand people

Массовые протесты во Франции: на улицы вышли 38 тысяч человекThe protesters oppose the policy of Emmanuel Macron.

The Frenchmen across the country took to the streets and staged mass rallies in protest of labor reform, which promised the President of France Emmanuel macron.Events were held in six major cities. Only in Paris to the protests has left more than 5.5 thousand people.

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Reform of labour was one of the main promises of Emmanuel Macron during the election campaign. He promised to create new jobs, and instead facilitates the mechanism of dismissal of workers complain about Union leaders.

“It is, as promised, is reforming. However, as they say, he is the President of rich people. It is still to ordinary workers and pensioners. You know, leaders always wanted us to have less rights and less pay. This is not something innovative. Feeding it to us from the 19th century. That offers Makron, fully supports the desire of the bosses” – say the protesters.

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