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“Masquerade” in the style of action

"Маскарад" в стиле экшн

No doors and locks have not yet saved the business from visit people in masks

In the new year, the famous phrase that “stop scaring business” will be 10 years old. Of course, the situation has changed for the better. But to rest on laurels early. Remember this many employers. And their ranks are constantly replenished. On Friday, December 8 this year, the guys in camouflage resolutely entered the office of a famous gruzooperator in the country’s main airport.

Stop the car!

December, like November, to carriers and, accordingly, services that serve them, the time of peak loads. So that Friday in the office of JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” was not similar to the last working day of the week. First, because of the specific and there are no days off in a year. And secondly, the pre-load will mobilize all. The turnover grows significantly that experts rather pleasing. Lack of production capacity, logistics processes formed based on the modern technologies of receiving and dispatching of goods, qualification and experience of staff. These busy periods, like now, assess the effectiveness of the company. Customers “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” I can’t complain. The loads are moved correctly, accurately, safely.

However, it turned out that everything can change in a matter of minutes. In the middle of the working day at the main entrance of JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” at a decent speed slowed down a few cars with no signals and identifying inscriptions. Of them poured out men in camouflage, wearing masks and carrying weapons. Further resembled stills from the movies.

Men in camouflage shades of green instantly crumbled to the offices, demanded that the staff stop work and go out into the corridor. How humiliating it was for employees to stand along the walls and wonder what kind of “guests” broke into the office, however. They belong to law enforcement, apparently it was difficult to determine.

The effects of the “spectacular” appearance “masks-show” in “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” had to first assess the physicians. Several employees took “first aid”. In hypertensive patients sharply jumped up pressure. One of the women who became ill and later admitted at the time of “capture” of the office, she thought along with colleagues been a victim of a terrorist attack. You should not consider it too sensitive. She knows what works in a solid company that timely and fully pays taxes, cares about its reputation and remains transparent and understandable for their clients.

But the location of the company special: it is the territory of the strategic object of national importance – the airport. And for an ordinary employee of the company on a weekday is an emergency. In any case, when was the Cabinet broken into by people in masks and with weapons, then try to quickly understand who is in front of you?

The pressure in the growth

While waiting for medics and trying to help colleagues feel bad, it became clear that JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” was raided by the officers of the Central operative customs FCS of Russia, which is officially recorded in the search Protocol drawn up during the “event.” That is, a business structure was the division of national importance, aimed, like all customs, detection, prevention, suppression and disclosure of crimes and offenses in the sphere of customs business.

When it became clear that brought them into office “Sheremetyevo-Kargo”, the shock experienced and the rest of the staff. It turned out that the whole “masquerade” had started for the seizure of several documents related to the activities of another company (cargo manifest, air waybill, power of attorney, payment documents).

In order to fully realize the absurdity of the situation, you need to understand through which the chain passes, the cargo carried in the cargo compartments of the aircraft. The man who decided to send his box in most cases goes to the broker. Company providing brokerage services, takes the box, turns to the agent of the airline, to buy a cargo transportation on the desired route. Then connect other members of this complex market for some goods need inspection by a specially certified, the company responsible for the safety of the carriage of cargo aircraft, and for crossing the border part customs. Part of the cargo is subject to inspection by the structures of the CPS. After all the necessary operations, the load gets to the warehouse of temporary storage, from where it is taken and loaded on the plane. The airline carries cargo to the destination, and the chain is repeated in reverse order, only with the companies operating at the airport of arrival.

To understand how a lot of contractors and customers and the gruzooperator, it is sufficient to name only one figure: in the previous Friday’s “masquerade” Thursday, the company handled almost 800 air waybills! It is not surprising that during the year they processed hundreds of thousands.

In the company with a high level of electronic document to find any contract, certificate, list, etc. – a trick and a matter of minutes. If security officers need to check the documentation of the counterparty of the gruzooperator, just sent the corresponding request. And when the hoped for efficiency, it just made it such a reservation. And no other accompaniment, and especially the presence of strong camouflaged guys such letters are not required. They quickly and clearly answered, handing the requested documents. For example, only for 2017 in the “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” by government agencies was sent to more than 250 queries, about 120 of them were accompanied by seizure of goods. Nothing interesting, and especially exciting, all humdrum and standard.

Yes, of course, customs is the most important structure of the problem and it is appropriate. Moreover, it is generally not required to report to check about the reasons for their visits.

But is it really necessary for the removal of several or even several dozens of documents to use heavy artillery in the form of strong armed men? Not like all this shooting from guns on sparrows, when the noise is many times greater than the effect?

When has approached “fast”, one of the women, the doctors decided almost to be hospitalized. Others, realizing that on a strategic site made the way not representatives banned in Russia, ISIS, began slowly to recover.

To whom custom gave “good”

By the way, on the strategic object. During “special operations” in the corridor with all the security forces were forced to come and dispatchers whose jobs were on the same floor as the offices. Their duties include not only the logistics solution. They control the movement of vehicles on the airfield. Nothing happened, but even a momentary loss of control over the situation on the platform can be sticky and sometimes very large. Remember the accident at Vnukovo airport, when the aircraft collided with a snow machine. Then, after a state of emergency in Vnukovo “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” modified control system for special vehicles in order to enhance the level of safety on the airport apron.

Alas, for the initiators of the “masquerade invasion”, it seems that there is no difference between those who carefully monitors the movement of goods on land and the staff, leading a purely “paper” work. The significance of each activity they measured, apparently, according to his standard – the ability to stand quietly, quietly along the wall…

Surprisingly this story is that JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” provides daily to the Sheremetyevo customs office of the FCS of Russia reports. This rule of law applies to the company, which is an officially approved temporary storage. She works in the customs control zone of the Sheremetyevo customs, and any actions with goods without permission of customs is impossible in principle!

By the way, full information about the product contained in the customs Declaration for the goods, which shall prepare and submit the owner of the goods. While the extracted air waybill – a document which evidences a contract of carriage, not containing detailed information about the product. That it is possible to find? It is difficult to assume that the Central operative customs office of the FCS of Russia about the “features” work the oldest gruzooperator Sheremetyevo didn’t know. Or have we remained true to himself: beat of their own to other people’s fear?

Over time, the way

JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” is ready to present all the evidence that the company is honest and absolutely transparent for the customs authorities of the Russian Federation professional member of activities in the field of customs. Therefore, their objections and arguments are in fact wrongly applied the power provide basic procedural steps guide gruzooperator sent to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in the form of statements.

“…The actual seizure of several documents in the form of a search with the involvement of SWAT, which has paralyzed the normal activities of the company JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” considers illegal and unreasonable, – is spoken in it. – JSC “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” asks the Prosecutor General to give instructions to inspect set forth in this statement of the facts and to bring those responsible to statutory liability.

If necessary, the JSC “Sheremetyevo-cargo” stands ready to provide additional explanations, audio, and video materials, including footage of CCTV”.

Conclusion today, do the workers “Sheremetyevo-Kargo”, simple but disappointing: unfriendly guests, the company wanted to show strength, but in the end lost more.

Elena Sevryukova
Source: “Russian newspaper”

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